Mission Statement

“Hey! What’s that?”

“Can’t you see? … It’s EAGA!”

“EAGA? … Hey EAGA, Who are you?”

“I EAGA was before the foundation of the world. I am God’s remedy for the world.”

“Oh, God’s remedy for the world? Where did you come from?”

“Before the world was, I was conceived by the Lord God. The Lord possessed me in the beginning. I was set up from everlasting, from the beginning or ever the world was. My fruit is better than gold, yea, than fine gold.”

“Why are you here?”

“I am dispatched from God for this time. I lead in the way of righteousness that I may cause those that love me to inherit substance.”

“O EAGA I would like to ask you one last question, this is of great importance to me, who is this God that conceived and possessed you from the beginning or from ever the world was?”

“It is him who is perfect in all his ways whose goings forth have been from of old, from everlasting… O I love him! He is the Ancient of days, the Most High he is indeed none other but the Lord Jesus Christ”

“O my God! EAGA, we’ve been waiting for you to arrive but now that you’re here, let’s begin.”
Ladies and gentlemen, brothers and sisters, WELCOME! The Emmanu’-EL Apostolic Gospel Academy (EAGA) is a brand new exciting experience that has never been seen or heard of before in the history of mankind. The newness of life is certainly here!

Our everyday objective is to strive for the best in life and to improve the standard and experience of living. EAGA is guaranteed to eliminate stress and has the ingredients that mankind requires to perfect their lives in today’s society.

EAGA is the divine recipe for fulfilment and enjoyment of life. The amazing joyous singing, its expressive and plosive music, the enigmatic fellowship, the empirical drama presentations explore different cultures and give a lesson for all to learn as they give spiritual enlightenment and uplift the audience. The Academy on a whole will satisfy every need that you could possibly encounter. We cater for the holistic needs of the individual as we provide a solid educational foundation and through the teaching of the gospel of Jesus Christ we encourage and uphold Godly moral principles.
We want you to know that you are very special and very important to this Academy; we love you and want you to stay with us. As a part of our warm welcome, this website has information to questions which you may have and also provides details you need to guide you through the website.

EAGA is intended to benefit all of the communities of Leicester by presenting the gospel of Jesus Christ through the teaching of the word of God and through a wide range of performing arts courses and activities. Our purpose is to nurture a gospel choir with members drawn from every community; locally, nationally and internationally which will minister within the City of God (Leicester), and throughout the world.

My role as the president of EAGA involves guiding each member – and every person who comes into contact with EAGA – in the Godly and straight path by empowering every member to fulfil their purpose for which they were born.

My responsibility is to ensure that the Academy runs effectively and efficiently in accomplishing our goals in today’s society and to ensure that the divine purpose of saving millions of souls is fulfilled. This great task may seem impossible, however, it is my personal belief that with YOU all things are possible.

My duty is also to ensure each member is motivated to achieve their personal and educational aspirations and also to accomplish that which is expected of them by their tutors and by EAGA. EAGA aims to improve the quality of living in the city by enabling a more excellent way for attendees to achieve their full potential with a spirit of Excellency.

The Lord Jesus Christ Bless you, Enjoy Your Stay Here.

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