EAGA Gospel Choir wins "City of Leicester award"

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Date Posted: Mon, 25 Mar 2024

The Emmanu’-EL Apostolic Gospel Academy Choir  was  honoured by the Leicester City Council on Tuesday, 12th March, when we were conferred the City Of Leicester Award. This is a civic award that is awarded to people who have contributed much through their work in the city, making a difference to the lives of the people This was indeed a momentous occasion and fulfilment of the word of our Lord Jesus Christ. The choir has been a prominentforce in the city of Leicester for the past 20 years. We are an instrumental group that has worked tirelessly in supporting, motivating and implementing change in the lives of people. The choir was nominated for this prestigious award alongside two other nominees: Pamela Campbell-Morris, who was posthumously honoured for her work in raising awareness of the symptoms of prostate cancer within the black community and Geoff Rowe, who founded the Leicester Comedy Festival in 1994. It was indeed a time of celebration and jubilation as we witnessed our leader, Bishop Mark Anderson accepting the award ad addressing the audience,who had gathered in the room at City Hall in Leicester.

The choir has been a constant figure of inspiration and empowerment, using our musical talents to bring the people of Leicester together, therefore building a better community. Additionally, we have served through volunteering for a number of charitable events and have been an encouragement for so many, inspiring change in their lives. We have now joined the list of other well-known figures upon whom this award has been bestowed. These include both the present and former chairman of the Leicester City Football Club and also members of the team who were instrumental in finding the remains of King Richard III.

On accepting the award, Bishop Mark Anderson expressed his appreciation that the work of the choir within the community had finally been recognised. He expanded on the work of the choir and spoke of the humble beginnings and the faith that drove the inception of this group.He thanked the city council for the honour.

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